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Discover Zenix®

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Discover Zenix®

Real innovation, Zenix® is a remarkable material properties for high impact resistance , high scratch resistance and perfect finish. With its fine bone china color its qualities make it the ideal material for tableware for everyday use . Your tables are even more beautiful and elegantly presented in flat plates, dessert plates , cups, bowls and cups in Zenix® !

  • Zenix®

    Discover Zenix® crockery in action: in everyday life, with family, and on video!
  • Alto

    With original design and refined colours, your table settings will look even prettier with Zenix® plates. Push your culinary limits, from the most creative to the most classical, explore new flavours and mix and match to your heart’s content with the different shapes in the Volare collection for a contemporary table with a chic, sophisticated flair.
  • Collection Alto
  • Collection Couture
  • Couture

    The Couture collection, inspired by a saddle-stitch motive and pretty ribbons, also shows them off with a modern, graphic approach. Chic tables and dishes for every occasion!
  • Insouciance

    With Insouciance, a gentle breeze brings poppies dancing onto your table! Pretty plates and an original design to bring spring into everyday dining. > See the collection> Buy online
  • Collection Insouciance
  • Collection Louisa
  • Louisa

    Louisa has a retro yet modern feel, revisiting baroque arabesques with a cheeky twist. Take it out for parties, dinner for two, or to impress your in-laws and friends! > See the collection> Buy online
  • Presidence

    Luminarc has drawn inspiration from the great classic tradition of bone china with Présidence, a tableware range that will match all your styles, table settings and desires. It also comes in pasta, pizza and risotto plates to go with all your recipes. > See the collection > Buy online
  • Collection Presidence
  • Collection Variances
  • Variances

    Variances is a delicate palette of earth and sky colours and pure, gently wavy lines. This crockery collection is a perfect match for contemporary interiors and gourmet cooks, whether their style is traditional or molecular cuisine! > See the collection > Buy online
  • Volare

    With its contemporary, organic shape, Volare dishes bring you original design in refined colours. Push your culinary limits, explore new flavours and mix and match the different shapes in the Volare collection for a contemporary table with a chic, sophisticated flair. > See the collection > Buy online
  • Collection Volare
  • Collection Yalta
  • Yalta

    The Yalta collection with its contemporary spirit offers you the pure lines of an original, softly curved square. Simple or sophisticated tables, everyday or party dishes, all of them will look lovely in Yalta! > See the collection > Buy online
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