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Stylish, colourful and practical glasses with Luminarc.

Always ahead of the game, Luminarc presents further evidence of its innovative know-how with its latest creations.

As a friendly, attractively-laid table is best for meals among family and friends, our glasses now present clean lines and vibrant, original colours. Tableware follows the trends of the moment and we enjoy updating our dishes for the holidays and seasons, just as we would our wardrobes.

Luminarc remains up to speed with home furnishing trends, offering new collections and glasses in on-trend colours and shapes inspired by fashion and design. Luminarc glassware is designed for daily use, fusing style and practicality. Designed and made in France.

  • Luminarc design glass collections

    We can’t resist the new Luminarc glass collections which interpret all of the latest home furnishing and design trends. > Browse the catalogue
  • Verres
colorés Luminarc
  • Verres
ballon Stacky
  • Concepto glasses

    The glasses in this line present timeless silhouettes, with more than a touch of transparency. This glassware is understated and delicate for a refined table.
  • Verres
Concepto Luminarc
  • Ballon Stacky glasses

    In 2013, Luminarc reworked one its classic pieces: the balloon glass. The Ballon Stacky collection is enticingly fun and unique with an air of simplicity and practicality, as it can now be stacked.
  • Verres Duo
  • Duos glasses

    With their vibrant colour, they’re the star of the table and a source of good humour for a dazzling breakfast among family or friends!

Equip'home: new basic glasses

Pure lines, sleek, timeless design... Equip’home stemmed glasses go with any whim and decor!

The new collection comes in 4 sizes that are perfect for white wines, red wines and Champagnes.

  • Equip'home:

    Essential glasses to be well equipped at attractive prices!
  • Equip'home
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