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Coloured glasses

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Glasses bursting with color!

After the bright colours and the fun look of the Colorplaytime collections, Luminarc continues in the same spirit and meets your demands once more with four new ranges of colored glasses.

Color Power

After explaining to us the language of color, chromotherapy, also known as color therapy now brings all the moods to life, revealing each personality according to colors.

Already used in alternative medicine (with Indian chakras, traditional Chinese medicine) fashion and cosmetics (with color consultancy), the use of color is now inspiring the tableware industry.

And the power of colors is just as unquestionable here. The combination of food colors and containers (glasses, plates, dishes) reflects our originality when setting a table or putting a dish together, in one word it helps to set the scene for a meal.

And that’s not all: did you know that colors can actually stimulate your appetite and even influence your taste?

As a matter of fact, according to recent experiments carried out in the « Kitchen Lab » (an experimental,
gustative and visual laboratory developed by the tableware industry), “the colors of containers conjure up places and memories and carry symbols” : for example, yellow immediately suggested a sweet flavor for the testers (like a sweet or a tart), who also instantly associated the food displayed in a tableware container of that color with lifting or energising properties...

Shetland coloured glasses

Stay natural

Always in touch with its customers’expectations, Luminarc has recently given some of the glasses you are the most familiar with a new look: Salto and Shetland from the Basic + concept and Arcade and History from the New Classics.

Luminarc has given them a touch of color and has even made sure that the colors stays as bright as new by using the solid color process.

Salto coloured glasses

Yet from a rather comprehensive range of colors, only three have been selected to enhance the transparency of these glasses: “ice blue”, “menthol” green and “lilac” purple. So why this choice of these blue hues ?

First of all because these three shades fit in well in every home interior and go with all color schemes. They will therefore match easily with other pieces in your dinner set, subtlety brighten up a table and even serve as decorative objects in their own right to be used all over the house.

In addition these three – so-called cold colors also associated with natural elements – create a feeling of freshness. They can even, according to the codes of chromotherapy, provide the drink served in each of the glasses with soothing and healthy qualities....

The pleasure of eating does not belong exclusively to the food itself but also to what is quite rightly named the Art of entertaining around the table. So don’t hesitate to unleash your creativity... And when mealtime comes, let your preferences for flavours and colors shine through!


History coloured glasses
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