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Luminarc continues to explore new ground in everyday tableware, enhancing its COLOR VIBRANCE glass dish line with four new collections: Amori, Stonemania, Fizz and Angel.

Decorated with organic ink free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, the new Color Vibrance glass plates are giving ever-more importance to the well-being of consumers and food hygiene.

These decorated plate collections are bang on trend with their understated design and intense, delicious colours. They can also be found in full table sets comprising plates, dessert plates, soup dishes, individual bowls and assorted salad bowls.

Color Vibrance is designed and made in France

Made in France

collection d’assiettes Amori

Color Vibrance glass plate,
Amori collection

The Japanese-themed Amori plate collection will add a dash of sophisticated colour to your table every day.

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Finally, the Stonemania plates offer three delicious new colours (strawberry, cappuccino and pistachio) inspired by traditional macaroons and decorated with a hand-made-effect.

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Color Vibrance glass plate,
Stonemania collection

Ligne Fizz Luminarc

Color Vibrance glass plate,
Fizz collection

Fizz presents new colours with the vibrant shades of Frozen, Honey and Strawberry to add a modern twist to everyday tables.

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Available in two gentle pastel shades, the Angel dinnerware line reinterprets traditional floral patterns with a touch of modernity.

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ligne de vaisselle Angel

Color Vibrance glass plate,
Angel collection

Ligne Kashima Luminarc

Color Vibrance glass plate,
Kashima collection

Kashima line will bring Kyoto spring serenity onto your table! Escape to Japan with Kashima and its cherry flowers, melting its fuschia, purple and green shades.

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Discover Color Vibrance

  • Color Vibrance

    Luminarc presents COLOR VIBRANCE, a new glass dish line, decorated with organic ink free of heavy metals, respecting more than ever the environment and the health of the consummers. Intense colors, pure design... Color Vibrance collection dishes are part of time for ever more inventive and unique dishes!
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