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Snacking is trendy!

Defined as "all food eaten outside regular meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or taken instead of a meal » snacksare now known as a new food trend: snacking.

Always aware of the latest trends, Luminarc, tells you what this is all about.

Our eating habits have been changing continuously since the second half of the 20th century: we don’t spend as much time cooking or even sitting around the table.
Why? Because everything is ‘ready-made’, ‘home delivered’ or available to ‘take-away’ and we are becoming closer and closer to a nomadic lifestyle.

Since we enjoy spending more and more spare time on our hobbies, shopping, time out, we try to free ourselves from set mealtimes. Finally we like being able to adapt dishes to suit everyone’s taste.

Colorsnack Colorplaytime


And whilst, the restaurant industry uses more and more imagination to bring to their products the flavour and nutritional value quality we have come to expect, the designers and creators who work for the tableware industry are developing innovative concepts.

With the Color Playtime and Design Expressions collection, Luminarc is right on target as far as current trends
are concerned.


Quadrato blanc

New eating habits such as brunch or drinks and nibbles (small buffet) that offer a variety of flavours on the same dish, can now be enjoyed at home with the ‘multi-compartment’ dishes and different size bowls.

It’s up to each of you to come up with the presentation and garnish ideas.

- savoury biscuits, soups
- vegetable slices and strips
- ham and cold meats
- sauces
- variety of spices and seasonings
- cheese cubes
- fruit salad
- ...

A delightful moment to indulge in ,bit by bit, with the family or with friends. As a matter of fact, if we forget the individual “TV tray” cliché, this very sociable experience is close to similar eating habits found in different countries: mezze in Greece, Turkey and the Middle-East, tapas in Spain, an choi in Vietnam, sushis, sashimis and makis in Japan, etc. Snacking, like nomadic lifestyles encourages the mix of cultures.

With the snacking trend, take advantage of all the time that you save to enjoy yourself with your friends and family.


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