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Your guests are nearly there and you have yet to lay an attractive table?
Easy with Luminarc

  • Romancia Anis

    Modernise traditions with plant or flower prints and enjoy a gentle, summery breakfast at any time of the year!
    Borrowed from the values and symbols of the past and modern romanticism, the gentle floral pattern of the 'Romancia Anis' collection brings sunshine to your plates.
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  • Romancia Anis
  • Couture or Insouciance

    For a more contemporary table, we may opt for the Zenix® 'Couture' or 'Insouciance' plates.
  • Couture Zenix
  • Insouciance Zenix
  • Flowerfied

    And those of you who like colourful dishes won't be able to resist the 'Flowerfield' collection, which uses plant designs in subtle and unexpected ways!

    Add a pretty tablecloth and a bunch of flowers from the garden and your table is ready to receive!
  • Flowerfield
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